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The Festival of Visual Wavelengths!
Hello Holi Hai!

Google Doodle of 2018 MAR 02 Holi Day.
Google Doodle of 2018 MAR 02 Holi Day.

Google is celebrating 2018 Holi with its own Doodle showing men and women in color with water pistols!

We sense light in various colors due to the “cones” in our retina. It is a mix of three different wavelengths (incident electromagnetic energies), the short, the medium, and the long relative to each other that produces the desired color. Objects actually must reject a color, and ironically, we name that object after the color it rejects. Thus, white rejects all colors to be white!

The physics of color is a fascinating science. The politics of color not so much. And, the romance between colors is a story of how Holi Day in India became not only a day to celebrate the destruction of evil per the legend but also in a parallel, the diffusion of the color differences between two lovers: Krishna and Radha. Radha was the fairer one, and Krishna was the “bluish” one. Krishna once complained to his foster mother Yashoda of the difference in their colors. She inspired him to spray a darker color on Radha, his love to subdue the contrast. And, since we have people of all color, this is the way to remove the distinction — at least for a day by coloring the people in the rainbow colors representing generally the seven broad wavelengths (VIBGYOR)! An aside: what evil was conquered for this historical Holi celebration, and why Yashoda was a foster mom are absorbing legends for another day!

A humorous anecdotal incident around Holi time in India once claimed that a mother had to wash some twenty friends of her son to find him after they’re done playing Holi (Dhuleti, Rangpanchmi being the fifth day after the full moon when Holi is celebrated, the full moon near the Vernal Equinox! It is also celebrated with the advent of Spring or Vasant Rutu, one of the six seasons experienced in India.) Every child was sprayed in various colored powders to the point where each lost his or her distinct identity which, needless to say, starts with how much color our skin reflects followed by our features, stature, and such idiosyncrasies!

White, loose clothing as canvas is preferred by the elites to celebrate the coloring of each other, and the “white” provides a perfect backdrop (simplistic tapestry) as the intensity of one’s involvement diminishes the “white” to be not visible — a sane advise that Krishna took to his heart to color Radha. The more color one gains, the more romantic one is considered!

And the rest of humanity followed as Holi is gaining international recognization, just like Yoga from India, and the number Zero from India have established themselves.

And, Holi is an excuse in India to indulge in with the opposite sex by peripheral touching mostly cheeks and forehead of the female, and she would obviously, and most times mischievously reciprocate. Just like Krishna, men take the lead to color the females. Holi may lead to fondling, groping allegations as well. However, taken in the spirit and not driven to its extremes, Holi is an innocent expression of a crush one has on a certain member of the opposite sex in the contemporary times. Holi is an expression of the mingling of colors in a uniform, dynamic blend.

An authentic origin of the word “artful smear” possibly can be traced to the origin of color play at Holi in India! The “Art of Coloring” our emotions to be ebullient emotions! Once again, the politics of “artful smear” is nothing but dull.

White reflects all visible frequencies (reciprocal of wavelengths) that fall on its persona, and black absorbs all the frequencies whence no light escapes. Black, therefore, is the absence of color reaching our eyes; and white shines the full spectrum in our eyes.

Celebrate your civil rights by eliminating your colored differences by observing Holi Day. Then, one can truly have a daily “Holiday!” Holi Hai!