Monday, December 9Whistleblower's

Love is to be in constant contact!
Rest is out of sound-sight, out of mind-muse!

ThinkMan in love with his thoughts.
ThinkMan in love with his thoughts.

The arrow of time, from birth to death is punctuated by our love and hate episodes. We love to go to sleep but hate to wake up is a sign of a digital imbalance in the neural networks when one exists. In reality, sleep is an intermission, a prerequisite of the body and the mind. Yet, our love for things while we’re awake controls our love for sleep or lack thereof. Till when sleep takes over. Our love-hate episodes control our body functions; till when fatigue reverses that role, and our body controls our love-hate episodes by loss of patience.

Evolved animals have emotions. Love is an emotion. It is expressed by togetherness, passion, and interactivity. Love is a very broad brush emotion. Today some celebrate this emotion between sexes in humans, apparently a precursor to visible yet volatile Valentine Day sex. Love is not augmented reality or virtual reality. It is the physical reality. However, love for alternate and various realities is the love of creativity. Love also manifests for foods, hobbies, movies, monies, and much more.

The real love is where we devote our time, money, and energy. Though, we may not love the acts that give us time, money, or energy to spend on our love. You may love kiteflying. Yet, kiteflying may not be possible till you sacrifice time, money, and energy in a job you do not love, but that buys you time, gives you money, and stacks your energy thence to fly kites and feel the freedom the kite feels, drawn between the forces of the string, the wind and the gravity.

We’re the creatures of love. Love is the cement of evolution. Love is the catalyst for evolution. Without my love for rambling, writing, ruminating, and rescuing myself from irrelevance I would be an undiscovered treasure trove. That is the first step is expressing our love. There is math in this moving target we call love. Tired of a pizza, we may switch to a spaghetti for a change. Such change is dictated by the circuits in the brain, in its neural networks.

Ultimately, the objects and persons we love is a very mathematical output of our brain’s function. Bad beformath equals bad aftermath! Indeed, our birth, our life, our death, and the love of life and art and artifacts between is encompassed and empowered by a unique combination of numbers. Thus,  02.14 is a number, fourteenth in the second month of the Gregorian calendar that we are fixated on one type of love, and we move on to other types of loves, routinely and return to this type of love consistently and intermittently as well.

To sum up, had Elon Musk truly loved his Tesla, he would not have launched it in space. His love for his Tesla was overpowered by his new found love for space exploration. Thus, while love is to be in constant contact, our fixation for objective love can, does, and should shift. In spite of the onboard digital cameras,’ the Tesla will be out of sight, out of mind, or already is!