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The Festival of Visual Wavelengths!<br>Hello Holi Hai!

The Festival of Visual Wavelengths!
Hello Holi Hai!

Google is celebrating 2018 Holi with its own Doodle showing men and women in color with water pistols! We sense light in various colors due to the “cones” in our retina. It is a mix of three different wavelengths (incident electromagnetic energies), the short, the medium, and the long relative to each other that produces the desired color. Objects actually must reject a color, and ironically, we name that object after the color it rejects. Thus, white rejects all colors to be white! The physics of color is a fascinating science. The politics of color not so much. And, the romance between colors is a story of how Holi Day in India became not only a day to celebrate the destruction of evil per the legend but also in a parallel, the diffusion of the color differences between two lovers: K
Love is to be in constant contact!<br>Rest is out of sound-sight, out of mind-muse!

Love is to be in constant contact!
Rest is out of sound-sight, out of mind-muse!

The arrow of time, from birth to death is punctuated by our love and hate episodes. We love to go to sleep but hate to wake up is a sign of a digital imbalance in the neural networks when one exists. In reality, sleep is an intermission, a prerequisite of the body and the mind. Yet, our love for things while we're awake controls our love for sleep or lack thereof. Till when sleep takes over. Our love-hate episodes control our body functions; till when fatigue reverses that role, and our body controls our love-hate episodes by loss of patience. Evolved animals have emotions. Love is an emotion. It is expressed by togetherness, passion, and interactivity. Love is a very broad brush emotion. Today some celebrate this emotion between sexes in humans, apparently a precursor to visible yet vo...
Not Born In SimplyCity?<br>Life Will Be Up In The Ashy Air!

Not Born In SimplyCity?
Life Will Be Up In The Ashy Air!

Geological activity in southern Iceland was in the news today, 2018 FEB 14 WED on CBSN. And so is this blog back which featured its first and only article on 2010 APR 21 WED on how one volcano stranded unsuspecting, commercial airlines passengers and their pitiable predicament: This was the first and only post on this blog for this long. Today's new post with this update changes it. More posts on the way. The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in southern Iceland tests the humankind on its chosen path, of being "scattered" across the globe. Certainly, this was not the meaning of the term, "the global village" as in a "true" village, one would not be worried about the return path home, because, the village is the home, a missed point thus far. When one treads far from home, hoggin...